Lunch at The Vatican


Inside The VaticanWow, what a wonderful lunch! This afternoon we were invited to have lunch at Archbishop Harvey’s apartment in the Vatican.  Uncle Al met Archbishop Harvey when they went to school together in Rome in the 1970’s.  We found out that Archbishop Harvey was raised in Milwaukee and now works for the Pope (he is the Prefecture of the Papal Household).  Along with members of the Vigneron family, Monsignor McClory, Fr. John Hall, Archbishop Raymond Burke, and Fr. John Vaughan also had lunch with us.

The apartment we ate lunch in was one floor away from where the Pope lives.  It was neat to see the apartment that Archbishop Harvey lives in because many past Popes lived in the same place (starting in the 15th century).  We hoped to see the Pope but we didn’t.  Instead, we asked Archbishop Harvey how many times he has met the Pope and he said he sees him almost every day.  The Pope was praying  the Angelus from the Papal apartment while we were there. 

In the afternoon we wandered around town, looked at some shops and bought some souveniers.  We noticed after 4 or 5 shops that the merchandise was mostly the same.  My Mom said it was all junk, but we liked it.

We are looking forward to tomorrow because Uncle Al will be receiving his Pallium at St. Peter’s Basilica. 

Talk to you later, ciao from Garrett and Griffin.

2 Responses to “Lunch at The Vatican”

  1. Marie Wilkie Says:

    Garrett and Griffin ~ I feel like I should have a nice adult response, but all I can think of is, WOW, that is so cool! You are two very blessed young men. These memories will be with you forever. God bless you both, Archbishop Vigneron (“Uncle Al”), and all the pilgrims in Rome.

  2. garrettandgriffin Says:

    Thanks Marie…

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