Getting out again


I had my picture taken in front of the Trevi Fountain, under the ice and snow.

It’s about 10 minutes after five o’clock on a Sunday afternoon in Rome. It’s just starting to be a beautiful dusk. We celebrated Mass this morning and finally got out from under the snow to Casa Santa Maria, which is the original North American seminary. It’s now used as the graduate house for priests who are studying for advanced degrees in Rome after ordination.

The Rector commented on the history of Casa Santa Maria, the first US seminary in Rome, and the historic events that had taken place in its chapel. Among them was the episcopal ordination of a number of bishops--the last being Detroit's Edward Cardinal Mooney, in 1946.

We had Mass there, a lovely lunch. Archbishop Vigneron presided and talk about the role of the preacher in sharing the message of Jesus.

We had lunch with the residents of the La Casa Santa Maria, about 15 of them. On the way home I took a few more pictures of the snow in Rome. We stopped at the Trevi Fountain. Having seen it on numerous other occasions, I wanted to get a look at it in snow and ice, which we did.

Tomorrow we are going to be visiting several more congregations. Because of the snow on Saturday we missed our appointment with the Congregation for Saints, but that was an important one on our list. So we’re hoping to catch that tomorrow, sneaking it in between some others on Monday, our last day, and talk about Bishop Baraga.

After our morning gatherings tomorrow, we’re hoping in the afternoon to gather for our last Mass at St. John Lateran, which is one of the major Roman basilicas, and the Cathedral of the Diocese of Rome actually. Most people think it’s St. Peter’s, but it’s actually St. John Lateran. So we’re looking forward to that. And then we will be starting to separately getting back to Michigan.

Bishop Reiss and I are staying an extra day, and I’ll be keeping in touch more on that. We’re hoping to go to Assisi on Tuesday.

Blessings to all!

Here's another photo of the snow-capped Trevi Fountain.

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